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Welcome to SchoolTimeGames.com!

This site was created by a middle school writing and technology teacher. A few years ago, I started an after school computer club. The goal was to teach our students about basic web design and programming. Around the same time, our state tests revealed that our students were not achieving grade level reading and writing skills. I was asked to add a writing component to our computer club courses. My students and I brainstormed and came up with an idea for reviewing online games. Within two years, we had identified a large collection of fun and challenging learning games.

The computer club continued another year before coming to an end. I thought teachers, parents, and students would benefit from the game classification work we had done. Many online game sites were disorganized, lacked learning connections, and allowed suggestive language and images. I set out to create a safe place for kids to learn, have fun, be creative, and explore while online.